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How to add the meta description in WordPress – an easy and lean solution

Setting the meta description in Wordpress

Wordpress does not come with native support for meta description. However, there is a fast and lean solution out there for that, which I use on my sites. With just a few lines of code today, you’ll subsequently be able to add in your meta description of choice in a box in your post editor screen whenever you want to – no more coding.

News: SiteGround has an epic migration deal – limited time only


This week only, September 1-8 2016, SiteGround is offering an unbeatable migration deal for all new clients – read on for details. This is one of the best deals I’ve seen in a long time. In particular, if your current host isn’t bundling cPanel and Softaculous in your plan, you’re losing out and you really should be switching – I’ve explained exactly why in the article. Read on to find out!

Warning: Always do this before checking if a domain resolves

Warning domain check

You’ve found a domain for sale that you’d like to buy, and at first glance all seems great. The price is right, the seller looks to be the legitimate owner, the domain history looks fine, and so on. So next you type the domain name into your web browser, right? Wrong!

Before you even think about taking a peek at that site, read on for what you should be doing first.

BrandCycle review – New affiliate platform for lifestyle content

BrandCycle review

Here I’m reviewing BrandCycle, the exciting new affiliate platform geared toward lifestyle bloggers. I was invited to participate in their beta via one of my other sites.

BrandCycle is new and very different from traditional affiliate programs. It provides instant access to a whole bunch of really high quality well-known lifestyle brands without requiring you to apply to each program separately. In this review I cover how BrandCycle works and its pros and cons based on my experience with it.