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Warning: Always do this before checking if a domain resolves

Warning domain check

You’ve found a domain for sale that you’d like to buy, and at first glance all seems great. The price is right, the seller looks to be the legitimate owner, the domain history looks fine, and so on. So next you type the domain name into your web browser, right? Wrong!

Before you even think about taking a peek at that site, read on for what you should be doing first.

BrandCycle review – New affiliate platform for lifestyle content

BrandCycle review

Here I’m reviewing BrandCycle, the exciting new affiliate platform geared toward lifestyle bloggers. I was invited to participate in their beta via one of my other sites.

BrandCycle is new and very different from traditional affiliate programs. It provides instant access to a whole bunch of really high quality well-known lifestyle brands without requiring you to apply to each program separately. In this review I cover how BrandCycle works and its pros and cons based on my experience with it.

How to create cool chalkboard text for free in 5 minutes

How to create chalkboard text for your website for free. In 5 minutes!

Like the look of chalkboard text but always assumed it was difficult to create? Nope, it’s really easy! Here is an easy tutorial for how to create your own high-quality chalkboard text graphic for free in 5 minutes. On your phone. While waiting for the bus. Truly!

The example graphic shown here was done this way, and I spent 5 minutes or less on it. Creating chalkboard text is faster and easier than ever. You can create your own custom chalkboard graphic for your website – quickly and for free, using this easy tutorial.

Ditch the dull: New exciting role-based email addresses for your brand

Email addresses for business branding

Do you have a domain, brand, or business? A well-chosen email address at your custom domain can become an exciting part of the message of your brand – yet all too few entrepreneurs think to tap this fast and free way of personalizing their brand.

Your choice of email addresses can contribute greatly to your branding. This tutorial shows how you can think up exciting new role-based email addresses for your custom domain. If you already have role-based addresses there, this article also covers how to change over to your smart new addresses. It’s easy, free and fun.

Setting and troubleshooting SPF records for email

Setting and troubleshooting SPF records

If you are sending emails from your domain and they’re being flagged by Gmail with a red question mark, you have come to the right place. This is a sign of a non-existent or incorrectly set SPF record. The good news is that you can fix this yourself – this tutorial shows you how. Here is the easy, all-in-one guide for correctly setting and troubleshooting SPF records for email.