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Best non-EIG hosting

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If you’re looking for a web host that isn’t owned by EIG (the Endurance International Group), then this article is for you. With so many hosts being owned by EIG, it’s can be difficult to identify the best non-EIG hosts. Relax; we’ve done the legwork for you. Let’s cut to the chase:

The top three non-EIG hosting companies we recommend are SiteGround, People's Host and A2 Hosting. They are all cheap, safe, have excellent customer service and include email, cPanel and Softaculous in their shared hosting plans. They also all offer free SSL certificates for your domain from Let's Encrypt. That's everything you'll need from a shared hosting plan. I’ll give you a little more info about each:


Web Hosting

SiteGround is a non-EIG host who prides itself on offering top quality hosting with fast load times. A big reason I like SiteGround is their excellent account isolation (i.e. protecting your sites from your neighbor’s sites on shared hosting plans). Unfortunately, not all hosts implement account isolation correctly, and if you have multiple sites then it’s even more important that your account is protected from your neighbor’s.

SiteGround is a well-known host with an excellent reputation in the field; you can't go wrong with them.

People's Host

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

People's Host is reliable a non-EIG host which has been around for awhile now but is a little newer than the other two below, so you may not have heard as much about it. I’ve been using their hosting services myself and am very impressed with the performance, low pricing, and excellent customer service.

One advantage People’s Host offers is the option to allow use of an SSL certificate you purchased cheaply elsewhere - they’ll install it for you though for security reasons. Most other hosts instead insist that you purchase your SSL cert from them for shared hosting (you also have that option available on People’s Host). They also offer free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, so you're covered no matter what you want to do.

If you're doing e-commerce, I'd recommend People's Host above the other two due to the flexibility of your SSL options. If you're selling a product, your credit card processor will care what type of SSL certificate you have, so go with People's Host because you've got a range of options there.

A2 Hosting

If you’re looking for versatile and fast hosting that isn’t owned by EIG, then A2 Hosting is where you want to be. One thing that makes A2 shared hosting stand out is that unlike other hosts it comes standard with some of the less typical PHP extensions that many packages need. In particular, at the time of writing this article, A2’s shared hosting comes with the MySQLi extension (mysql improved), GD and FreeType, and the Multibyte string extension ( -enable-mbstring ). These are popular PHP extensions that are necessary for certain less-common types of site software that you might want to install, but these extensions don’t come standard with all hosts.

I've used A2 Hosting myself for some of my sites, and am impressed with the speed of the sites and with the excellent customer service. The cheap price point is an added bonus! I definitely recommend A2 Hosting as a fast, safe, non-EIG host that can handle all kinds of software for your website. If you're planning on developing multiple sites, A2 Hosting is a great choice.


If you’re seeking non-EIG hosting, then SiteGround, People's Host and A2 Hosting are my top three recommendations for their quality, speed and features. As an added bonus, they all come at a cheap price point.

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