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Logo design

Find out where to get your logo design done fast

If you have a domain name, website or online business, you’ll need to get a logo for it – without breaking the bank. And if, like me, you have multiple domain names and sites, then the savings add up super-fast when you can get your logo at a cheap price point.

Here are a bunch of great places to start with.

Designing it yourself:

Don’t ignore this option entirely. If you have the software it’s free to design it yourself, but I wouldn’t do it unless you want a really simple logo and you have some basic graphic design skills. Even then, it won’t be all that fast.

Overall, if you can design a logo and put it on a transparent background then this is a viable option for you. Otherwise let’s move on to the very best places where you can outsource your logo design fast at a cheap price point.



What I like about LogoNerds is their custom designs at a low price point. You don’t have to pay the $200+ that many other logo design companies charge. Nope, you can get a great quality logo for under $50 at LogoNerds.

The other thing that’s really great about them is their one-page questionnaire when you sign up for a logo. They’ll ask questions like your field of business, your clientele, what should come to mind when customers see your logo, what special items you see being used to represent your company, and anything you do not want to see in your logo. This way you will be sure of getting something that works beautifully for your new brand.

It’s the best feeling to know that you have a graphic designer working on your logo while you deal with the million and one other things you need to do.

LogoNerds are superb, but they’re not your only option. Let’s move on:


Logo design contest at

At 48hourslogo, the fun factor comes into play. You get to run your logo specs as a design contest. Get 20+ logo concepts for just $29. You pick the winner!

There’s pros and cons to this approach. The best part of it is that you have a bunch of people competing to win your logo design. It feels like having a bunch of employees all working for you! You can also pick the price point you want. The downside is that their advertisements are a little misleading: the small starting price shown above is just the listing fee to get it started and get some concepts. What you wind up having to pay for is the full logo design prize ($99 minimum, at the time of writing this article) on top of the listing fee. It’s still cheaper than hiring a branding company but is much more expensive than LogoNerds. Still, if you need it done fast then you’ll like 48HoursLogo because you can choose to run your contest for only 48 hours, meaning that you’ll receive your designs soon. Many people are done before that. You can opt to make your contest public, where anyone can view it including site visitors, or private (where only registered designers may view it).

One helpful safeguard is that if you receive less than 5 design submissions at the end of the qualifying phase then you can get a refund of your listing fee, or you can opt to re-list the contest for free.

My first choice is LogoNerds, but both are worth checking out. Let’s move on to another option!

Logo Garden

Logo Garden‘s big plus is that it’s free. That’s right: free. How does it work? You pick from a set of categories for your type of business, then you select a symbol, colors, and text. It’s easy to do, and it’s kind of like doing it yourself – but made super-easy.  One downside is that what you get is a little limited: it’s an auto-generator where you have a decent amount of input, but there’s only so many symbols, colors, etc. So your logo probably won’t be quite as exciting or as original as one of the custom designed ones that the other companies offer.  Also, if you want higher-resolution files you’ll have to be prepared to shell out a little cash. Still, you’ve got little to lose by trying it out: it’s fast and free to get started. If you find you don’t like it, you can always try one of the other options.

Another reason to try it first is that Logo Garden is by far the fastest of the above options for receiving a logo and files: Start building your professional brand by creating a free logo in just 8 minutes!. So if you want to start off your logo design fast and for free, Logo Garden could be a good place to start.

Here is a Logo Garden coupon they’re offering readers, in case you decide to go ahead and purchase high-res files or add-ons:


There are several places where you can get a professional logo design fast. These are: LogoNerds, 48hourslogo, and Logo Garden. All have different pros and cons, so check them out to see which one works for you and your new brand. Enjoy!