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Yes, you can develop multiple websites

There is definitely money to be made online. I know; I'm earning some! Yet I've noticed that information isn't as easy to come by for how to make money online safely and ethically, which I'm sure is what you're seeking. There's no sense in putting yourself at risk of scammers, or at risk of losing your reputation. Here I show you several options of ways you can make money online safely and ethically, without requiring specialized skills.

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At some point, as your website grows, you'll need to hire a virtual assistant for some tasks. We're not suggesting you sink a lot of money into this, especially if your website isn't making much money. At first it'll just be for a specific one-off task here or there, but eventually you might need someone for a set number of hours per week. It needn't be anywhere near to full time.

If you're making money already with your site, putting some earnings toward a virtual assistant allows you to make money faster. Read on to find out exactly when, where and how to find the best virtual assistant (I even tell you who is my virtual assistant!) A good assistant is more than worth the cost because their work lets you make money faster.

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