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Yes, you can develop multiple websites without needing to code! We show you how.

It's much easier to be productive with Linux than with other operating systems. This is due to the customizability of Linux.

But maybe you want to be even more productive. That's great: there are many productivity tools for Linux. And with so many Linux distros already using the Synaptic Package Manager, it's so much simpler to use that to install all your productivity tools. Installing a program outside of Synaptic is OK, but it can be frustrating to have to go to individual websites and deal with each install separately. It's well... not so productive.

So here is my (admittedly biased!) list of the best Linux tools for productivity; all are available through the Synaptic Package Manager.

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Google Analytics is free, but there are other free or cheap analytics options out there that could be a better fit for you. You might not want Google to know every details of what's going on with your websites. Or maybe you have some sites you'd rather Google not know belongs to you! No matter what your situation, here are some Google Analytics alternatives that are free or cheap.

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