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Yes, you can develop multiple websites without needing to code! We show you how.

Start outside the box: How to quickly get ideas for a new website

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Why not start your next site or online business differently? Most people start by thinking of what they want their site to do, then selecting a domain name, and finally deciding upon the most appropriate software for that model.

If you want to do something completely fresh and new instead, upend that model and allow yourself to be inspired by software. Just because many websites are created with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal needn’t mean you are limited to those - or even to a blog site at all.

Instead, browse Softaculous to see what you can install for free with just one click. Softaculous would cost you money if you were to sign up for it yourself, but it comes 100% free with many (but not all) shared web hosting plans from good hosts. For exactly this reason I recommend only using a reputable host that has Softaculous included in shared hosting plans. Affordable web hosts we recommend that come with Softaculous bundled in the plans are: SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and People's Host.

Example case study

Let’s take an example case study. Let’s assume Josh wants to create a whole new project that he’ll find exciting and hopes will be lucrative, but he doesn’t have anything specific in mind just yet. Josh browses Softaculous. He doesn’t want to write a blog or do anything where he’ll have to write a whole lot of content himself. He decides he wants something that will allow users to sign up and write their own content. Browsing through, Josh takes a closer look at the Question2Answer software package:

In literally one click on Softaculous on his web hosting account, Josh would be able to install a professional Q & A site where users can ask and answer questions. Josh already has some ideas of how he will drive traffic to his Q & A site. Additionally, the description of the Question2Answer software shows that voting, user points and rankings are built-in features, which Josh knows will help user engagement. To keep attracting users to his site, Josh plans to tweet out the top 3 leaderboard rankings daily. He’ll monetize the site with AdSense. Over time, the questions and answers submitted will grow and grow even more, so organic search results should also drive traffic to Josh’s site. No blogging required.


This example case study serves as a tutorial for how you can upend the traditional model and brainstorm some good online business ideas starting with the software. Softaculous is a powerful tool. Many people have it built into their hosting plans yet never use it for anything besides installing WordPress. Don’t be one of those people! Leverage the power of Softaculous in your favor and find cool website ideas.

Softaculous is included for free in the shared hosting plans from SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and People's Host, all of which offer affordable packages for hosting one or many domains.

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