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ProcessWire CMS for the beginner – pros and cons

I’ve started building a site with ProcessWire for the first time. It’s a free open-source CMS that you can install via Softaculous. Is ProcessWire a good choice for your next project? What are its strengths and weaknesses? I’ll answer these questions right here. Continue reading

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Best free WordPress themes with no sidebar

Do you enjoy the clean modern look of a website without a sidebar? We do too. Yet it can be surprisingly difficult to find Wordpress themes that have no sidebar; many developers have not caught on that there are plenty of site owners who want no sidebar. Here is our list of our top favorite no-sidebar themes from the official free Wordpress repository.  Continue reading

Best CMS for a landing page

Best free CMS to quickly create landing pages

Here I pose the question: “What is the best free open-source CMS for landing pages?” If you are a domainer and want to demonstrate the concept of how a site might look for that domain, you’ll want to put up a landing page. I wanted to see which types of CMS could be best appropriated for that purpose.

Here we went head-to-head with Concrete 5 vs Wordpress vs Subrion vs Microweber vs ImpressPages. Read on to find out more! Continue reading