Warning domain check

Warning: Always do this before checking if a domain resolves

You’ve found a domain for sale that you’d like to buy, and at first glance all seems great. The price is right, the seller looks to be the legitimate owner, the domain history looks fine, and so on. So next you type the domain name into your web browser, right? Wrong!

Before you even think about taking a peek at that site, read on for what you should be doing first. Continue reading

Flame Domain Tool Review

Breaking news: Flame Domain releases extra domain tools

The Flame Domain Tool specializes in picking out high quality unregged domain names for you. Arriving on the domain scene last year, it has offered an array of great, easy-to-use tools. Now, in April 2016, even more tools and features have been added, which I’ll cover here. Read on to find out more – there are some really great gems of tools that you’ll love. Continue reading

Ideas for websites

Start outside the box: Get website ideas and a domain name via a CMS – tutorial

Why not start your next site or online business differently? Most people start by thinking of what they want their site to do, then selecting a domain name, and finally deciding upon the most appropriate CMS for that model. If you want to do something completely fresh and new instead, upend that model and allow yourself to be inspired by a CMS. Here we show you how, using an example case study. Continue reading