Best Canadian web hosting

Best Canadian web hosts

We’ve done all the legwork for you. We’ve looked into the best web hosts in Canada. To qualify, web hosts needed to offer certain features bundled in their shared hosting plans to ensure you can handle anything you want to do. They also needed to be affordable (starting at safely under $10 a month). Only two Canadian web hosts fulfilled all our requirements: read on to find out more. Continue reading

Black Friday web hosting 2017

Black Friday 2017 web hosting sale info

This Black Friday 2017, we’re seeing some good discounts coming in from reputable, affordable, high-performance web hosts. If you’ve been thinking of developing some of your domains, for example to show a prospective buyer a landing site on that domain, then this is the perfect time to do it. 

Taking advantage of a sale like one of these lets you try your hand at developing your domains with very low risk. Continue reading


SiteGround offers Labor Day sale worldwide 2017

If you’ve been giving some thought to developing your domains, you’ve certainly picked a good time for it: SiteGround is offering a Labor Day sale worldwide. During the sale, you’ll get up to 70% off the normal web hosting plan pricing for 1-year plans. This sale is valid from 2:00am US Central Time on September 1 through end of September 5, 2017. They have now extended the sale for more days, through to 2am US Central Time on September 11, 2017! It’s worldwide, so you can take advantage of it from anywhere on the globe; just be aware of the validity period above. Read on to find out which plan we recommend for those who are just starting out. Continue reading

SiteGround sale

Siteground offers 4th of July sale 2017

Thinking of developing some of your domains? This is a great time to do it! SiteGround is offering a pretty big sale on hosting plans. The sale offers up to 70% off their hosting plans and runs just for a few days: from July 1, 2017 to July 4, 2017. This special sale is available for those in the USA only. Not in the US? Don’t worry, we have some other options for you here too. Read on to get the details. Continue reading

Cheap web hosting

Web hosts that support WordPress

Wordpress does not require anything particularly unusual of the hosting environment, and you do not need a high-priced plan. But be aware: you DO want certain features in your plan that we’ll describe here (which don’t come bundled with all hosts). We have 3 affordable recommendations for Wordpress hosting for you for under $10 per month (some under $5) with all of the features that you need. Continue reading