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common big mistakes

If you manage an affiliate program then you’re probably making at least one of these 7 big mistakes. I say this because I’ve yet to see an affiliate manager not make any of these mistakes – and these could be costing the program in missed opportunities. The good news is that there are easy fixes for all of these that will take you just 5 minutes each.

BrandCycle review

Here I’m reviewing BrandCycle, the exciting new affiliate platform geared toward lifestyle bloggers. I was invited to participate in their beta via one of my other sites.

BrandCycle is new and very different from traditional affiliate programs. It provides instant access to a whole bunch of really high quality well-known lifestyle brands without requiring you to apply to each program separately. In this review I cover how BrandCycle works and its pros and cons based on my experience with it.

avoid these common business mistakes!

Getting started with Twitter for small business? Even if you are already very familiar with Twitter as an individual, there are some very important and non-obvious mistakes to avoid when tweeting for a brand. These mistakes could cost you followers or even cost you a business relationship with a potential client. Find out here as we cover a case study of 4 Twitter mistakes that almost became catastrophic for a brand.