fast cheap logo design

Logo design – how you can make a great logo fast and for super-cheap

Today, we’re taking a look at a common problem: how to design a logo from anywhere in the world, from start to finish really fast and for super-cheap. Getting started is actually free: you can play around with as many logos as you like, at no cost and no need to create an account or enter any information. This is ideal for when you need something for your latest startup, project, or event.  Continue reading

Review article

Review of The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG is a great resource for low-cost stock photos, fonts, and other graphics. I started using it recently for some of my website needs. They also give away some great freebies every now and then. Yes, that’s right: I’ve downloaded several fonts and graphics for free. Here I’m giving a balanced review of The Hungry JPEG. Continue reading


Thumbnail screenshot API services which deliver https images

If you use thumbnail screenshot services on any of your websites, you really want one that can deliver the images across https. Even if your site is not on https yet, you won’t want mixed content whenever you do make the switch to SSL. Fortunately, this the perfect time to update your screenshots to an API that can deliver them in https mode.

We’ve done the research for you here and have a shortlist of screenshot API services which deliver images in https.  Continue reading

How to access cPanel webmail on iphone or android

Set up to get all of your cPanel email on your phone in one place

If you own multiple websites, then you don’t want the hassle of logging into each and every one of your website’s email accounts every day from your desktop computer.

Instead, set up your smartphone to access all of your cPanel webmail and hand it to you in one window on your phone – find out how to do it here. It’s easier than you think. Continue reading