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If you use thumbnail screenshot services on any of your websites, you really want one that can deliver the images across https. Even if your site is not on https yet, you won’t want mixed content whenever you do make the switch to SSL. Fortunately, this the perfect time to update your screenshots to an API that can deliver them in https mode.

We’ve done the research for you here and have a shortlist of screenshot API services which deliver images in https.

How to access cPanel webmail on iphone or android

If you own multiple websites, then you don’t want the hassle of logging into each and every one of your website’s email accounts every day from your desktop computer.

Instead, set up your smartphone to access all of your cPanel webmail and hand it to you in one window on your phone – find out how to do it here. It’s easier than you think.

How to create chalkboard text for your website for free. In 5 minutes!

Like the look of chalkboard text but always assumed it was difficult to create? Nope, it’s really easy! Here is an easy tutorial for how to create your own high-quality chalkboard text graphic for free in 5 minutes. On your phone. While waiting for the bus. Truly!

The example graphic shown here was done this way, and I spent 5 minutes or less on it. Creating chalkboard text is faster and easier than ever. You can create your own custom chalkboard graphic for your website – quickly and for free, using this easy tutorial.