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Cheap hosting plans

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links.

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So you want to start a website but you don't want to spend much money. That's pretty sensible, actually.

There's no point throwing away your savings on a pricier plan than what you need.

The cheap hosting plans we recommend below are from reliable companies with a strong reputation for high performance, so your website will load fast. All of the ones below have plenty of "room to grow", as well. You won't run out of bandwidth or storage anytime soon.

You should be able to go for years on one of these plans. Of course that depends on how quickly you grow traffic, but most people will be able to go for many years without outgrowing the plan. All of these hosts also offer affordable higher-level plans that don't cost much more than their cheapest plan, so you can rest assured you'll be quite safe when it's time to upgrade. By then your websites should have enough traffic and be bringing in enough money that they should more than pay for upgraded hosting.

Let's get back to where you're at right now though: if you're just starting out, then the cheapest shared hosting plan from the hosts below is all you'll need; we'll list its name for you so you know exactly the one you need.

1. SiteGround

Web Hosting

SiteGround will get you off to a quick and easy start for your website, even if you're a complete beginner. If you're looking to host one domain name at first, you'll want their StartUp plan, which is under $5 per month at the time of writing! That's less than you might spend on coffee out, so it's pretty cheap.

For unlimited websites, you'll want their GrowBig plan, which is under $10 per month at the moment.

You don't need anything fancier than that. Both of the plans I mentioned above come bundled with all the things you need to set up your first website quickly and easily. These features are: email, cPanel, Softaculous and https (SSL certificates).

2. A2 Hosting

I use A2 Hosting myself for several of my sites. It's fast and reliable; you can't go wrong with them. Their Lite plan is under $5 a month and is for one domain name.

If you're looking to host unlimited numbers of domains, then you'll want the Swift plan.

Same as SiteGround, the plan offers all the features that you need: email, cPanel, Softaculous and https (SSL certificates). You might like to read my review of A2 Hosting based on my experiences hosting there.

3. People's Host

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

People's Host is a very reliable and reputable host. What stands out about them is that whether you want to host one or multiple sites, their cheapest plan is what you want. That's right: sign up on their Basic plan for under $10 a month and you can host all the websites you would ever want. This is ideal if you're thinking of starting with one site and adding more as you go.

I have tested out the Basic plan I mentioned and it's perfect; you can read my People's Host review, which includes me simulating a catastrophic data loss and still recovering my site in just a few minutes.

As for the other two hosts above, People's Host also includes cPanel, Softaculous, https (SSL certificates), and email bundled in this plan.

The bottom line

The hosts mentioned above all offer cheap hosting plans that have high performance and excellent reliability. Not all cheap hosts are this good: many don't offer all the things you need or they have a tendency to put you on overloaded servers. The cheap hosting plans mentioned above are perfect for the beginner looking to get off to a great start.

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