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Cheap fast web hosting companies that perform well

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The cheapest high-performance web hosting options:

Are you looking for cheap fast web hosting for a new project? You’ve come to the right place: Here are our top recommendations for cheap web hosting with high quality performance and excellent customer support. These all start at well under $10 a month at the time of writing.

All too often, cheap web hosting is cheap because it’s slow or lacks decent customer support. But the web hosts I’m recommending here are ones which perform beautifully. Two of these I’m using myself; one other has similarly excellent specs and a stellar reputation. So you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Beware of other hosts which look good at first glance but whose plan specs are limited and won’t allow for growth. They will try to trick you with a low base price only to have you realize you can’t do much with their basic plan. I’ve used some hosts that I won’t recommend here because they just don’t have good performance or customer service. By contrast, all the hosts I’ve listed below are well-specced and allow plenty of room for growth. You won’t bump up against limitations for a long time.

By the way, if you’re seeking shared hosting, you’ll want to have all the features in place that you need to administer your sites smoothly and quickly. In case you’re wondering, these are : cPanel, Softaculous, cheap/free options for SSL, and of course email. Yes, I’ve seen some very well-known hosts skimp out on some of these features. Don’t even consider a host that doesn’t offer all of these. Usually such hosts are not even any cheaper than the ones I’m listing here anyway. You have a right to be able to administer your sites with maximum convenience to you.

A2 Hosting:

My newest sites are with A2 Hosting and I’m very pleased with this host. One of my sites is a Processwire site; another is WordPress. I’ve also used A2 in the past to create a social network via Dolphin (which I have since deleted to spend time on other projects). So no matter what software I’ve used on A2 Hosting, it handled everything beautifully. Speed and uptime were great; I didn’t run into any issues at all. Customer service is good, too.

What makes them stand out: if you’re planning on using WordPress, you can even opt for Managed WordPress Hosting. So if you plan on WordPress, I would recommend A2 Hosting above any of the others, simply because it has an optimized WordPress hosting environment available which you can use.

For users with special requirements: As an added bonus, A2 Hosting also allows you to do other things many hosts won’t let you do, or at least not easily. These are things like: changing your PHP version, allowing rare PHP extensions (you can control your extensions yourself in A2), and allowing more caching options than most other hosts. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry about these options; just know they’re available if and when you need them.

People's Host:

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

I’ve tried out a bunch of different site software on People's Host, from WordPress to Concrete 5 to Subrion and more. It handled these flawlessly. Some of those are rarer CMS’s which may require specialized things of the hosting environment, which not all hosts can handle quite so well. I was very pleased with People’s Host, and besides its high performance it also had some of the fastest customer service response times I’ve seen.

The other thing that makes People’s Host stand out is that you can host multiple domains even on the lowest level of shared hosting. Almost all other hosts only allow one domain to be hosted on their lowest level.

Ultimately, whatever you throw at People's Host, it will handle.


Web Hosting

SiteGround prides itself on offering some of the most secure hosting setups out there. I like their plans, and they start at an attractively low price point. If you want great value for money, SiteGround is a good option.

In particular, they do an excellent job implementing account isolation thoroughly – this is where they ensure that if a hacker gets into your neighbor’s website, they won’t get into yours.

I’ve not yet used SiteGround, but have done enough research to know that they’ll be next on my list of hosts to use.


For cheap web hosting, my top recommendations are A2 Hosting, People's Host, and SiteGround. In addition to being cheap, these ones perform well also. They all include the features you need to deal with everything in an easy and intuitive manner. This allows you to focus more of your time on developing and monetizing your site, and less on any background administrative tasks.

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