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Awesome yet professional computer name ideas

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Whether you have a new computer, have installed a new hard drive, or just want an exciting new name for your existing machine, sometimes it can be hard to come up with a suitable name. Don’t worry – here are some great solutions.

Something related to the computer's use

This is a great way to start brainstorming. For example, if the machine is to be used for graphic design, then you can call it “DesignGuru”, “ArtWizard”, and so on. If you’re using it primarily for mathematical analysis, consider using the name of a mathematician or mathematical function, e.g. “Fourier”.

Our favorite all-purpose naming method

If you want something that sounds professional yet never boring, and is suited to any type of machine, let’s go with our favorite method:

Simply add the letters “al” to any word that ends in “ion”.

This gives a technical sound to the name, without spending time having to think up complicated names.

For example:

  • junctional
  • inceptional
  • fluxional
  • precisional

You can make lots more like that. If you need to find a list of words ending in “ion”, we like using this resource from wordfind.com – it even categorizes the words by length.


Depending on your operating system or server environment, you may have certain restrictions on how you name your machine. For example, you might be required to make it one word only, or use lowercase (or uppercase) only. You might not be allowed any special characters such as the hyphen. Even if those things are not a problem for the computer you’re dealing with, bear in mind that it may still be an issue when networking with any other computer which does have these restrictions. So, keep it simple.


Naming your new computer or server need not be a difficult task. Above are some ideas of how to come up with cool yet professional names for your machine.

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