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Yes, you can develop multiple websites without needing to code! We show you how.

Early steps

Below are topics for if you're getting started. These may be helpful along with or just after the beginner tutorial page.

You probably know about some domain name tools already, so I’m not going to talk about those. Here we’re covering under-utilized methods for finding a good domain name: tools that are a little bit newer or that were designed for other purposes but work beautifully for finding a good domain name.

These tools are particularly helpful when you’re seeking to generate a brandable name for your new business.

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Wordpress does not require anything particularly unusual of the hosting environment, and you do not need a high-priced plan. But be aware: you DO want certain features in your plan that we’ll describe here (which don’t come bundled with all hosts). We have 3 affordable recommendations for Wordpress hosting for you for under $10 per month (some under $5) with all of the features that you need.

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Why not start your next site or online business differently? Most people start by thinking of what they want their site to do, then selecting a domain name, and finally deciding upon the most appropriate software for that model. If you want to do something completely fresh and new instead, upend that model and allow yourself to be inspired by software. Here we show you how, using an example case study.

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