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Yes, you can develop multiple websites without needing to code! We show you how.

A guide to how much website hosting should cost for multiple domains

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Now more than ever before there are a lot of web hosts out there competing for your business. Website hosting may not be as expensive as you thought, even when you have a bunch of domains.

Reputable shared hosting plans at under $10 a month

When first starting out developing multiple sites, you should be able to get a decent shared hosting plan for under $10 a month that allows multiple domains and multiple email addresses for each domain. Usually your extra domains will be handled as add-on domains; if you don’t know what that means, I've explained it quickly and easily in another post here. Bottom line, you should be able to find something reputable and reliable for under $10 a month if you shop around.

If you’re not sure exactly what features you need and don’t need in a hosting plan for multiple domains, I plan to cover that in a future post, but for now, most shared hosting plans that allow multiple domains should have what you need. You will need your plan to include cPanel and Softaculous. These are tools which allow you to handle your sites, backups, email, etc quicly and easily. The good news: most (but not all) reputable shared hosting plans come standard with cPanel and Softaculous.

If you’re looking for recommendations for cheap reputable shared hosting for multiple domains, I highly recommend A2 Hosting, which I use myself. It costs under $10 a month, comes with cPanel and Softaculous, is highly reputable, and delivers excellent support and service. I also strongly recommend SiteGround and People's Host as reputable low-cost shared hosting providers for multiple domains. Take a look into any of these 3 as starting points. At the time of writing this post, all 3 of these companies offer shared hosting plans that come with cPanel and Softaculous.

PeoplesHost Web Hosting Web Hosting

But don’t feel restricted to these. Shop around – just be certain you go with a reputable provider. You will need to pay something for a decent, reputable and reliable web host. But it needn't cost the earth.

Most of you already know of GoDaddy as a domain name registrar, and friends often ask me about GoDaddy hosting. I don’t particularly recommend GoDaddy for hosting. FYI – they pay their people very well to recommend them so I’d have a lot of incentives if I wanted to promote their hosting to you, and there may be a lot of bloggers featuring them for that reason, but I simply don’t plan on promoting a product that I don’t 100% believe in. I personally feel that you can get a lot faster performance and better value for money from the 3 hosts I mentioned above. Likewise, Bluehost is another well-known brand, but although it has cPanel, it doesn’t have Softaculous, and you really need both.

Further reasons for the hosts I recommended

All 3 hosts I mentioned will allow you to easily expand as needed. They all have excellent and affordable options for upgrading should you grow out of your basic shared hosting plan. Typically this will take at least a few years before you get to this point, so save money by starting with the cheapest option, then upgrade later down the track needed.


Shop around and you can find good shared hosting plans from a reputable web host for under $10 a month. The top 3 options we recommend are A2 Hosting, SiteGround, and People's Host.

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