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Under-utilized tools for finding a good domain name

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OK, you probably know of a lot of the main domaining tools already, so I’m not going to talk about those. Here we’re covering under-utilized domaining tools: ones that are a little bit newer or that you may have used for other purposes before, but not for domaining.

Here we go:

1. Fake Word Generator

Yes, fake words can make for great brandable domain names. Use the fake word generator at wordgenerator.net. You simply click on the button that says Generate Fake Words and, well, it does what it says.

2. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator is a business name and domain name generator. You make two selections from drop-down menus and bam! – you get a list of great names. I’ve found the names they generate to be actually useful; I reg’d a domain from a result there awhile back and built a site on it.

3. SpinXO

SpinXO is geared toward generating usernames for Tumblr, Instagram, and so on. However, I’ve found their Tumblr Name Generator particularly helpful for domain names too, since both are URL-based. The best part is that it lets you type in words of relevance that you want to specify. The results are great since the algorithm combines with both related and unrelated words. As an example, I put “joyful” and “coffee” in for a test, and received a whole bunch of pretty good names, including “JoyfulCupful”. The thing I love about SpinXO is that it tends to do a great job giving you young, trendy names.

4. Thesaurus.com

If you haven’t already used Thesaurus.com in your domain name toolset, you should. It’s great for when you want to see if there are alternatives to a word that result in a similar meaning but are shorter or trendier. You can use it as a way to go through a few more iterations of the above 3 tools as well.

5. Urban Dictionary

If you think you've got a good domain name, you might want to check that it doesn't have a hidden meaning. Type your domain name (or its first 5 or so letters) into Urban Dictionary to see if there is anything similar that has a meaning you're unaware of. Unlike the above tools, you're not using it to help find new domain names, you're using it to help avoid making embarrassing mistakes.

I speak from experience here: I nearly bought a domain name that had a graphic sexual connotation. Luckily a quick check on Urban Dictionary prevented me from an awkward branding mistake!


Using any of the five tools above will give you a lot of creativity in your choice of domain names. Use them individually or, as I do together in multiple iterations. This is a way to find some great gems out there.

If you’d like to recommend a less-common domain name tool for this article, just drop me a line at signal@purely.space .

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