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Set up to get all of your cPanel email on your phone in one place

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If you own multiple websites, then you don’t want the hassle of logging into each and every one of your website’s email accounts every day from your desktop computer. It’s just an extra layer of hassle. On the other hand, you don’t want to forget to check your email and thereby miss out on communications.

The solution:

Set up your smartphone to access all of your cPanel email and hand it to you in one window. I knew this solution existed, but I always assumed it was difficult or bothersome to set up. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s been about a year now that I’ve been reading my email from all of my websites on my phone, and it’s saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Here’s how:

Either plan to use your phone’s default email app (not a brand-specific app like Yahoo or Gmail), OR install an email app that can handle a) a manual setup and b) multiple email accounts. For Android, I’ve tried several apps for reading cPanel webmail, and I highly recommend SolMail for its ease of use, performance, user options and excellent aesthetics.

For each cPanel mailbox that you own, do the following:

Follow the official cPanel instructions on setup to access your webmail via your phone here. You can toggle-tab between the iOS or Android versions of the tutorial.

Tips during setup:

  • You’ll want IMAP (not POP) protocol for most cases. Look into IMAP vs POP more if you are interested, but IMAP is what you typically want (keeps the emails physically on your hosting server) unless you have a special reason for needing POP.
  • Use SSL or TLS option if your site’s email supports it (this should be the case for virtually all reputable shared hosting plans). Don’t worry about port numbers – they should auto-fill by the app when you specify SSL or TLS.
  • For most shared hosting plans, the SMTP server is more likely to be mail.yourdomainname.com (not smtp.yourdomainname.com ). If in doubt you should be able to find this info in your hosting account details, but if unsure you can always check with your host.

Rinse and repeat

You can add your additional cPanel email accounts to the same app easily, using exactly the same method as adding the first account. This is true even if they are with different web hosts, as is the case for a bunch of mine.

I access all of my webmail accounts via just one app (Edison mail).

Troubleshooting: don’t stress, everything is reversible

If something goes wrong and it can’t seem to authenticate you on the phone app, simply delete that email account from your phone’s app (NOT from your cPanel webmail!) and start over again with the app. You don’t want to try it too many times and get locked out. If you are having trouble, check in with your hosting provider. When you think you have it completed, be sure to test that incoming messages for each account do in fact come through to your phone.

Enjoy your streamlined life!

Now you can relax in the knowledge that emails from all of your websites will get delivered to you in one location on your phone. No need to keep logging in to each account on a periodic basis on your desktop.

You can still log in on your desktop as normal if you wish – I’m more likely to use that options for typing replies, since I find it easier than dealing with the phone’s keyboard. But reading everything on the phone, at one time, without wondering if you’re missing something? It saves you a ton of time and offers you a lot of peace of mind.

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