Review of The Hungry JPEG

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The Hungry JPEG is an excellent resource for low-cost stock photos, fonts, and other graphics. I started using it recently for some of my website needs. They also give away some great freebies every now and then. Yes, that’s right: I’ve downloaded several fonts and graphics for free.

Here I’m giving a balanced review of The Hungry JPEG. Overall, I feel you will really enjoy the high quality of their items and the low starting price point, but you’ll notice that it can take a little time to dig through and find the items that you want there. However, you can find some amazing deals there.

Prices for paid items start at $1 and go up. I noticed there is something for every budget, whether it’s tiny or large. And to improve the price point even more, designers will sometimes put items together in sets, so you might get (for example) a set of 10 graphics for around $5, which works out even cheaper than the lowest $1 price point.

The Hungry JPEG goes far beyond what most stock photo sites offer, and in addition to photos they also sell customizable text-and-graphic combos, fonts, textures, patterns, bundles and more. (Bundles are themed collections of backgrounds, fonts, images, icons, frames, and more, to give a cohesive look to your website).


  • Very high quality work.
  • Clear product description, including a list of the file format(s) that you will receive.
  • A range of pricing with a very good selection even in the very low-budget end.
  • Includes sought-after items that I haven’t seen as much of in other stock graphics sites. For example, metallic and pearlescent graphics are extremely well done here but are hard to find with the same level of realism elsewhere.
  • Some products that are a little more complex (e.g. customizable psd files) even come with tutorials for how to use them. This way, if you’re doing your own graphic design for your websites, you don’t need to be an expert in using graphics software.
  • Freebies – they have weekly free items, plus a limited section of free items. The free items are of the same high quality as their paid items!
  • Bundles – these are themed collections of fonts, graphics, backgrounds, textures and more. These help if you’re creating a particular look (e.g. elegant, back-to-school, floral, seasonal, etc etc). Bundles are real bargains compared to purchasing each element individually.
  • Checkout is easy to use, and they accept PayPal or credit card.
  • Your past purchases are stored in your profile. Therefore if you have a problem downloading your purchased file, you can go back to this page and download again. This is ideal if you have a network interruption etc during the download process, which happened to me once. You can simply download again right away (or later at your convenience) without having to pay again and without having the hassle of contacting customer service.


  • At the time of writing, I could not find a way to save desired items to a favorites list. In my opinion this is a rather big technical drawback for a graphics site.
  • If you use the search box, there is no way to refine or even to sort your results. However, when browsing by category instead, you do have some limited ability to sort the results.
  • Irrelevant results often included (search terms search everything, including fonts, when really you are typically not searching for fonts and graphics at the same time).
  • Search results can be poor. I searched for “seamless texture” and a desirable graphic that I found later by browsing categories simply did not come up on my original search results.
  • Seamless patterns in general are difficult to find, although they do exist: The Hungry JPEG is therefore not the best place for website owners looking for backgrounds. (For seamless patterns or textures at a cheap price point I would recommend 123RF instead.)
  • The page navigation for search results is at the bottom of the page only (not top and bottom); this can be annoying.
  • All of the above disadvantages boil down to the fact that it can take time to find what you are looking for. This is somewhat balanced out by the incredibly good deals and impressively high-quality graphics.


The Hungry JPEG offers high-quality graphics and fonts at a low price point. You can even find free items there! They are legitimate and reliable, and all of my purchases have gone smoothly. I give The Hungry JPEG kudos for their excellent selection, superb quality and affordable price point.

However, it has to be noted that there is room for improvement when it comes to finding what you want. In summary, I feel a little like I’m panning for gold there: it can take quite a bit of time to find something of interest, but when I do, I’ve unearthed a real gem. The Hungry JPEG is one of my go-to places for my website graphics needs. It’s well worth checking out. If you’re seeking an alternative, I also recommend and use the cheap stock photo site