Overhaul your email hosting for multiple domains – how to fix these common mistakes

If you own multiple domains, you’ll want to make sure your business email hosting is set up properly – behind the scenes as well as in front. Let’s look at some surprisingly common back-end mistakes we see from brands and how to fix them for free:

Mistake 1: Not accessing your domains’ email on smartphone.  Sure, you can plan to log in each and every day to every one of your email accounts from all your domains on a desktop computer, but who has time for that? Also, it’ll be too tempting to skip a day here or there or an email account here or there, and before you know it you’ve missed out on an important time-sensitive business communication.

The fix: Our tutorial on how to read your cPanel email from all your domains on your phone in one place.

Mistake 2: Not setting your SPF records properly. This is an incredibly common mistake and I’ve seen this happen in some big-name brands.  SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a way for the recipient to know whether your domain really sent the message you sent, and provides a measure of authenticity from spammers. If you do not have your SPF records set properly, there are 2 consequences that you won’t like: 1. When sent to a Gmail recipient, your domain’s email will have a question mark on the sender icon and. This makes it look less trustworthy to the person reading it. 2. When sent to any recipient, there is a higher chance that the recipient’s email will flag it as spam, and the recipient may never see your email.

The fix: we show you how to set and troubleshoot your SPF records here.

Mistake 3: Mundane role-based email addresses. All too often business use addresses like info@yourdomain.com as their catch-all address: the problem is it does not represent your brand message well. This is very easy to fix.

The fix: We help you come up with alternatives to info@ that communicate your brand message properly.

Here we show you some surprisingly common behind-the-scenes mistakes made by businesses in their email for multiple domains. Fortunately, we have solutions to all of these mistakes right here at Purely Space – and it’s all free.