New marketplace at NameSilo for domain sellers

NameSilo launched their new domain marketplace in late 2015 where sellers can list their domain names for sale. An excellent rival to GoDaddy auctions, the NameSilo marketplace offers plenty of great options for sellers which I’ll outline in this article. Continue reading

Flame Domain Tool Review

Review of Flame Domain Tool: free business name generator that finds domain names for you

If you’re an entrepreneur with a startup, or a domainer, you’ll want to find a cool brand name for your latest baby. Here at Purely Space we review the Flame Domain Tool: a new free business name generator that finds domain names for you – fast. In this article we cover how it works and what types of results you can expect. Flame Domain provides you only with unique and unregistered domain names so if you decide on a name, you have the comfort of knowing you can register the domain right away.  Continue reading

SEO search engine optimization

How to Make an Article or Post Become Search Engine Friendly

Have you written a great article for one of your sites and then found yourself wondering “why doesn’t my article get picked up easily by search engines?” If so, then the information here is for you.

Luckily, it’s much easier to improve a good article to make it search engine optimized (SEO) than it is to write a good article in the first place. So take heart in knowing that if you’ve composed a well-written and grammatically correct article, you’re already close to having an SEO-friendly finished product. Continue reading

avoid these common business mistakes!

6 Vital Reasons You Should Never go With Free Web Hosting

Should you go with free web hosting? The answer to this question is definitely a “No”. I understand where you are coming from, and years ago when I was creating my first site I too didn’t want to pay for hosting. That said, there are some very solid reasons why you should not go with a free host – find out here.  Continue reading