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Our recommendations for safe cheap web hosting

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Not all cheap web hosts are reputable. This is our list of best 3 safe, cheap, reputable hosts we personally recommend at Purely Space. If you’re looking for hosting for multiple domains at an affordable price point, I would recommend any of these:

1. People's Host. I’ve used them and am highly impressed with their stellar performance & great customer service; a wise choice for a beginner or a seasoned developer. They are one of the very few hosts which allow you to use a 3rd party SSL certificate on your shared hosting plan, and they also support SSL from Let’s Encrypt. And unlike most other hosts, even their cheapest level of shared hosting allows you to host multiple domains.

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

2. A2 Hosting. We've used A2 Hosting and it's very reliable. A superb all-around choice, and comes at a cheap price point. What we like best about A2 is their automatic use of Let's Encrypt SSL, meaning you can start immediately with https pre-installed. The other hosts we mentioned also offer free Let's Encrypt SSL, but it's not pre-installed (installation on those other hosts is just a matter of clicking a button though).

3. SiteGround. Offers one of the best collections around of step-by-step tutorials for their customers for setting everything up, and has a strong reputation as a safe host. The price is cheap, but the service is excellent. This is a great choice for a beginner.

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The above hosts all come with cPanel and Softaculous (read here why you need both). Take a look at the plans from our recommended hosts; compare against others.

“Why are GoDaddy and BlueHost not on the list?”

You may already have an account at GoDaddy as a registrar, and you may be wondering about hosting there. I don’t recommend GoDaddy as a web host. They pay people very well to recommend them so I’d stand to do well if I promoted them, and there may be other people featuring GoDaddy for that reason, but I simply don’t promote products that I don’t believe in 100%. The reason I steer clear of their hosting is that I have noticed that you can get a lot faster performance and better value for money from other hosts such as the ones I mentioned above. Bluehost is another that is well-known and popular, but a dealbreaker is that although it has cPanel, it doesn’t come with Softaculous.

If I was setting up hosting for multiple domains, I would pick any of the best three that I mentioned above.

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Best side gig

Would you like to make your own website as a neat side-gig that you can do on evenings and/or weekends? If so, we have a tutorial for you, and it's about how to make a choice of several types of websites. You don't need to blog if that's not you! How about a social network, Q & A site, or forum? Check out our beginner's illustrated tutorial for how to get started making your choice of sites.

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