SiteGround offers Labor Day sale worldwide 2017

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Web Hosting

If you’ve been giving some thought to developing your domains, you’ve certainly picked a good time for it: SiteGround is offering a Labor Day sale worldwide. During the sale, you’ll get up to 70% off  the normal web hosting plan pricing for 1-year plans. This sale is valid from 2:00am US Central Time on September 1 through end of September 5, 2017. They have now extended the sale for more days, through to 2am US Central Time on September 11, 2017! It’s worldwide, so you can take advantage of it from anywhere on the globe; just be aware of the validity period above.

The reason I like SiteGround is that sites perform really well on SiteGround. Both in terms of speed of website performance and in terms of security, SiteGround is one of our top favorite hosts. They also come with everything you need to get started quickly; managing your sites and email accounts is a breeze. Also, they have one of the very fastest response times for support.

Best SiteGround plans if you’re starting out

If you’re just getting started, all you’ll need is their shared hosting, which fortunately is also their cheapest type of plan. Their shared hosting comes in three different flavors. I recommend starting out on one of the following two:

  • If you’re hosting just one domain you’ll want their smallest shared hosting plan, called StartUp.
  • For two or more domains you’ll need the next level up of shared hosting, called GrowBig.

Their third level, GoGeek, can handle far more traffic than you’ll need for a beginner and therefore comes with a higher price tag. Unless you have a special reason for GoGeek, I’d recommend saving your hard-earned money and picking one of the lower two levels instead: StartUp or GrowBig. You can always upgrade to GoGeek later at any time as your sites grow. You can compare all three of these SiteGround shared hosting plans here.

Why cPanel and Softaculous?

The SiteGround shared hosting plans all come bundled with cPanel and Softaculous: these are must-have features which I can attest make it really easy to handle all of your domains, your website files, email, and so much more, in an easy-to-use point and click interface.

By contrast, some other web hosts even in this day and age don’t offer cPanel and instead expect you to do everything by FTP every time you want to make any changes, which is ridiculously slow and cumbersome on you. Those other hosts typically are not any cheaper than SiteGround either, so you wouldn’t even save money with them! Softaculous is another must-have feature which comes bundled with SiteGround’s shared hosting. Softaculous is useful not only for its ability to handle 1-click installs of your website software for you (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, etc), but also for its ability to create automated backups of that site that you can restore from in 1 click in the event that you somehow accidentally do something that screws up your site completely. (And yes I’ve done that before and have never been so glad of having Softaculous!) This is why I don’t recommend BlueHost or GoDaddy: they don’t come with both cPanel and Softaculous bundled in.


If you were thinking of creating a website for one or more of your domains, then this is a great time to start. You can get a good deal with up to 70% off standard plan pricing at SiteGround; this sale runs from September 1 through start  of September 11, 2017.